Supported Charities


Giving Back

Each year AG Life Science Consulting supports charities on a local, national and global level with 3% of the total revenues. Have a look at these great initiatives and, perhaps, join me in supporting them!

Local Charities: Patients and People in Need

Leukämie-Initiative Bonn e.V.: A patient advocacy group that supports patients with haematological malignancies at the University Clinic in Bonn – my former clinical place of work. Multiple patient-focused initiatives support those afflicted with acute leukaemias. 

Bonner Tafel e.V.: The local food bank charity that distributes food to persons and families in need. 

Verein für Gefährdetenhilfe e.V.: This charity supports people who are on the margins of society and  in danger of falling out of the social network.

National: Building a Civil Society

The Cellex Foundation was founded in Dresden, East Germany, in 2015 by two life-science companies in response to the political controversies and radicalisation caused by migration. The foundation wants to shape the world of tomorrow with tolerance and open-mindedness and to overcome boundaries with initiatives like DRESDEN.RESPECT that have received broad global support. 

Global: Environmental Concerns

CO2-Compensation: Business air travel accounts for a huge part of the CO2 emissions. The estimated share of emission for 2019 for flights is app. 34 t CO2 - nearly 15 times of the allocated per person budget that would allow to keep global warming below 2 °C. Compensation for CO2 is complicated can easily be a non-sum game. My approach - in addition to the reduction of flights were possible - is to compensate at twice price per ton CO2 (€46) to effect some degree of reduction. I have selected Atmosfair as provider.

Plastic Garbage in the Oceans: The Great Pacific Garbage Patch is the largest of five ocean garbage patches and covers an area three times the size of France. While the avoidance of plastic is critical, efforts to clean the ocean are necessary as well. The scientific and engineering challenges are formidable, but this group is quite advanced with their work. The Ocean Clean-Up Foundation have been awarded The Heyerdahl Award in 2017 and the United Nation United Nations Champion of the Earth Award in in 2015.